Birth Rights

Currently in Illinois, CNMs are only licensed. Legislation to license CPMs has been introduced in numerous past sessions, but has yet to pass.
Feb. 2019 update: SJR 14 has been filed and is moving through the Illinois Senate as a resolution to begin a Homebirth Crisis Committee in hopes of licensing CPMs. Contact your state Senator to support this legislation.

Through 2017, the American Academy of Pediatrics sent out a memo to encourage doctors to report to DCFS any parents that decline vitamin K and eye ointment for their newborns. This has been rescinded as of August 2, 2018. Be sure to have the rescinding memo, a vaccine exemption, and a copy of the Patient Rights Medical Act in tow. Talk with your hospital or birth center, provider, and pediatrician about your choices and be sure they are on board before the birth.

Medical Rights

Every person and parent has the right to decide what goes into his or her body.

Vaccine rights in Illinois
School Law and Exemptions:

Follow IC4IC.ORG to learn more about your rights, stay informed, and be active to creating a better medical rights climate in Illinois.

Parental Rights

Parents reserve the right to choose what is best for their child’s wellbeing. And that should mean they and only they have the ability to decide their child’s educational, religious, and medical decisions.

Homeschooling in Illinois

While Illinois enjoys some of the most lax homeschooling laws, the same cannot be said for Illinois courts. Judges are often biased against homeschoolers and do not follow the “child’s best interest” statute, but instead use their own bias in rulings.

HLSDA covers legal cases for parents vs. the state. But, what about parent vs. the other parent? HLSDA does have a list of lawyers they recommend, and also homeschool case precedents. There are homeschool experts, most certified teachers, who will consult homeschooling families and also act as witnesses in court. In Illinois, join H.O.U.S.E. Ad Hoc to support local homeschooling lobbying efforts.