Recipes for Healing 

Food fuels every cell in your body, and is either leading you to regeneration and growth, or decay. Food can and does heal serious illnesses every day. You cannot heal without a diet full of the minerals your body needs.
Depending on your deficiency and imbalance, you may need a different diet. Here are some of the diets I have personally tried and recommend to those in the healing process.


Wahl's Protocol 

The Wahl's protocol is a food diet focusing on vegetables and grass-fed meats to supply your nutrition needs. Dr. Wahl was a M.D. diagnosed with M.S., who searched medical literature to find healing. She is now fully healthy after being bedridden for years.
This is a great diet for anyone with an autoimmune or chronic illness.


The Importance of Minerals

Our bodies were made from the dust of the ground, and we, like it, are comprised of minerals. Because our processed diet and harmful lifestyles, we are severely deficient in minerals. A hair tissue mineral analysis can tell you what minerals you're deficient in, so you can get your minerals back into balance. 


Autoimmune Paleo Diet

This diet focuses on low inflammatory foods, and is a step up from the regular paleo diet. It's a good precursor to the Wahl's diet, which is a step above the AIP diet.