Wellness Consults

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Do you need some support healing naturally?

The body has the ability to heal naturally - if you give it the right tools and take away the things hindering it. The body needs four things to thrive: food, water, sunshine, and rest. I focus on whole food nutrition, lifestyle and emotional changes, healing with herbs, and in some cases, supplements or fasting. The majority of testing you may need can be ordered by yourself online (I can tell you how to find links).

I have been certified as a natural health coach through the Dr. Sears program, completed DONA doula training, and am currently studying naturorthopathy (the study of the origin of disease), but honestly, the books, studies, research, and other healers are where the real learning of how to heal comes from.

I am not a medical doctor and do not offer medical advice. Consult with your physician before changing any medications.