Food for Labor Prep

You want to be eating healthy throughout your pregnancy - high quality protein and fat foods every day, limited carbs, especially processed ones.

Not only does your body need nutrients to grow and deliver a healthy baby, it needs high amounts of certain nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, to make the hormones necessary to efface, dilate, contract the uterus, expel the placenta, and bond the mother and baby (in addition to the other 500 processes that go down during birth).

In the last few weeks, those resources need to be met.

The below graphic shows the focused nutrients needed during the final weeks of pregnancy for delivery. Note that these should be taken through delivery, so if something “begins” at 34 weeks, it should continue until delivery. Be sure to read the entire series - there is priceless information in there! This information is from the amazing series here:

Foods for actual labor can be found here:

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