How to Heal Cancer Naturally


In 2013, there were over 14 million Americans diagnosed with cancer. Estimated 5 year survival rate across the board is about 60% [source].

Let’s be honest. Cancer is a problem, a real problem. About one third of us will face it in our own bodies at some point, and every single one of us in the developed world will see a loved one (or more) die of it.

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So, let’s talk about what cancer is. Cancer is the normal dividing  process of your cells. That’s it. In those who develop cancerous tumors or find large clusters of cancer in a system or organ, the cancer cells have simply gotten out of control.

Everyone has cancer.

That fact is both terrifying and empowering.

Chemotherapy was derived from the mustard gas they used to exterminate people in the Holocaust concentration camps (a number of the gentlemen who were found guilty in the Nuremberg trials served 7 years in prison, and were then moved to the U.S. where one was named the CEO of Bayer). Make no mistake, the stuff is poison.

Like an antibiotic, when you use chemo, it kills all your cells, not just the cancerous ones. When you use an antibiotic, it kills all your bacteria, the good and the bad. That’s great for that infection, but the next time you have a bacterial infection, the antibiotic does not work as well, the bad bacteria has become resistant, and your good bacteria is decimated, making for more bacterial infections and long term illness. The same is with chemo. It may zap some of the cancer cells, but the cells just proliferate in another in your body, even stronger this time.

Don’t be discouraged. Alternative cancer treatments are out there and they are working. That is just hidden by the U.S. government. In fact, it’s illegal for any doctor to prescribe any other method of cancer treatment outside of chemotherapy and radiation, no matter how bleak the outcomes are for that treatment.

So, the first thing you need to do is get OUT of the doctor’s office. Find a natural practitioner. Find a cancer treatment center in ANOTHER country, because you simply cannot find one in this country. If you cannot afford to travel or the cost of these centers, that’s also fine. You can heal your cancer right at home by yourself. 

You don’t need to “heal” cancer. Cancer is a natural part of your body’s processes. You need to heal WHAT made your cancer get out of control. Your lifestyle, eating habits, and environment have led to a poor functioning immune system that let the cancer get out of control.
The only way to heal the overgrowth of cancer is to fix what is ailing your immune system to allow it to rid the body of the cancerous cells and tumors. 

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I would do if I, or my child, spouse or parent, was diagnosed with cancer.


What I Would Do the Day After I Was Diagnosed with Cancer

  • I would throw out all packaged food, and buy 100% organic fruits and vegetables. I would juice organic fruits and vegetables around the clock for the first two months post diagnosis.
  • I would buy filtered water, or buy a water filtration system, like a Berkey, and drink about 100 ounces of water per day.
  • I would take all CFL light bulbs out of my house. I would get cabled internet, and turn off my WiFi. I would turn off my phone and keep away from me when not in use.
  • I would sleep 10-12 hours per day.
  • I would rebound, dry brush my skin, and give myself lymph massages daily.
  • Toss out all prescriptions and skip vaccines (for good).
  • I would swap out all air fresheners and candles with beeswax candles and essential oil sprays.
  • Throw away and discontinue use of 100% of your hygiene products, . After a few months when you realize healing, you can bring back in natural oils, soaps, baking soda and vinegar for home and body cleaning.
  • I would sip on warm, filtered water teas throughout the day. The herbs would include fresh, raw cuts of ginger, astralagus, clove, garlic and cayenne pepper.

If it was aggressive:

I would purchased a one way ticket to Mexico and check myself into Oasis of Hope treatment center or Gerson Institute, depending on the type of cancer.

Cancer is treatable, just not in a medical doctor’s office in the United States. Research for yourself the effects of chemo and radiation, and learn what natural alternatives you have to live a long, low cancer life.


The Truth About Cancer – documentary and web site dedicated to spreading the truth about cancer and real, lifelong treatments.

Gerson Therapy – successful juicing therapy for cancer treatment.

Hope 4 Cancer Therapy – numerous alternative therapies, including virotherapy, hyperthermia, sono phono dynamic therapy, IV therapies, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.