Garlic Oil Ear Drops

Garlic Oil Ear Drops

January 4, 2016


Studies show that over 75% of ear infections are actually viral, though most doctors will dole out an antibiotic.
It is estimated that over 25 million pediatric visits per year are for ear infections, topping the list.
But, are antibiotics really the answer? We know that antibiotics kill good bacteria in our guts and bodies, which actually help prevent and fight off the bad bacteria. If the average child has a number of ear infections per year, are antibiotics really the answer?

An age-old remedy is garlic oil ear drops. Warmed, they soothe the ear and garlic’s antiviral and antibacterial properties attack both forms of an infection.


Photo credit: Pixabay

Garlic Oil Ear Drops
– 2 cloves of fresh, organic garlic
– 1/4 cup of high quality olive, mullein, or other oil.

Crush the garlic and place in oil in saucepan on a low heat. Cover, and let heat (do not boil) for at least twenty minutes. You can also allow the garlic to sit in the oil for a period of one to four weeks, if you prefer not heating it.
Pour cooled oil into a glass dropper.

Place one to two drops in each ear as symptoms persist. Allow child to lay on their side as you apply, and massage behind each ear.